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About our App

Augmented UGA is an AR-based app that was created to serve and enhance potential and current students, faculty, and alumni’s experiences while on campus. Our immersive and user-friendly interface provides information about UGA’s most renowned landmarks and buildings. Augmented UGA allows visitors to tailor their experience of the campus to their individual interests, and provides them additional information they have about UGA’s campus and all it has to offer.

How we achieve this

  • 1
    Inform users of UGA's rich history

    A one-stop-shop for all of Georgia's notable monuments and buildings from the Arch to Ramsey Student Center

  • 2
    Provide directions

    Augmented reality and location services are seamlessly blended to direct you to each location, or simply use apple maps, integrated within the app

  • 3
    AR capabilities

    Using Apple's ARKit, floating pins are displayed over real-life monuments across the UGA campus


Learn more about these landmarks


Sanford Stadium

"The best time you will ever have with 92,756 of your closest friends"

Sanford Stadium is home to the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team. Located in the heart of campus, Sanford Stadium is one of the largest college football stadiums in the country with a capacity of 92,746.

Herty Field

Herty Field was UGA’s first athletic field

Herty Field has served as a football field, a parking lot, and after a 1999 conversion, as a public plaza with a large green lawn and a cascading fountain. As the site of Georgia's first intercollegiate football game, UGA defeated Mercer in 1892 with a score of 50-0.


The Chapel

The Chapel was one of the first Greek structures in Athens.

The Chapel is a former church that now hosts lectures, events, even weddings and is home to the Chapel Bell, a university landmark. The Bell is located right on property behind the Chapel.

The Arch

Representing three values of UGA: Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation

At nearly 160 years old, the cast iron Arch bordering downtown Athens marks the entrance to campus and is the most iconic symbol of the university. It has also become tradition for students to refrain from walking underneath the arch until graduation.


Our Primary Users

Prospective Pete

Pete has come to UGA to tour around the grounds. However the the visitor center's tours are booked for months and he would rather choose to learn about the parts of campus that he is most interested in. He loves tech and plays with Pokemon Go.

Visiting Victoria

Victoria is visiting Athens for the first time on a weekend trip with some friends and is hanging out on North Campus. She sees statues and famous symbols but has no idea what they mean to the campus, students or alumni. She knows that AR exists but has no prior experience using it.

Studious Sarah

Sarah is a sophomore at UGA and often stays on campus to study or see her friends after class. She is looking for something entertaining to do on campus in her downtime. She is familiar with AR, but doesn't currently have an augmented reality app downloaded onto her smart phone.


Meet the developers


How we got here

Checkpoint One

Exploratory Research Project Plan

Learning AR and where we saw our project initially going

Checkpoint Two

User Research UX Map

How we focused our app on niche users, and how to navigate our app

Checkpoint Three

Visual Design Document

The aesthetics of Augmented UGA

Checkpoint Four

Social Deliverables

How we spread the message in the 21st Century

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